4: charlotte bland

charlotte bland

charlotte bland is a freelance writer and trainee upholsterer who lives in london with matthew. she has rarely left the house without a camera since, when five years old, she received her first 110 compact and as a result has many thousands of negatives and prints packed into boxes in dark cupboards. sometimes she can’t remember life before flickr and she blogs about the small things at sprink.







on the nightstand…


am loving..

  • slide film
  • the wire
  • autumn sunsets
  • revisiting the stone roses
  • bruno bordese shoes


what inspires you about the fall?
the prospect of starting anew. autumn always feels like the start of the new year for me, a feeling I’ve not shaken since my school days when the new school year would start in mid-september and the long, free days on the beach were replaced with new shoes and uniforms, the blank pages of exercise books and a renewed vigour for learning. (it is questionable as to how long this vigour lasted, however.) promise is in the air and i can’t shake the enormous grin that appears on my face with every perfectly crisp, blue-skied day and when I smell smoke from a wood fire or see market stalls groaning with small, imperfect english apples.


what are three constants in your day?

  1. tea
  2. walking
  3. my nikon f55

8 thoughts on “4: charlotte bland

  1. the apple and jar photo seems to say it all.
    i too have felt that autumn is the beginning of a new year.
    this is an inspiring piece, thank you ladies and wishing you many moments of joy during these days of autumn.

  2. Goodness, this stirs memories of home in me, too. I am fascinated with the light. The depth. The feeling that one could dive into ‘picture world’


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