5: elizabeth fleming

elizabeth fleming

Elizabeth Fleming is a photographer who lives with her husband and two young daughters in Maplewood, NJ. Her work has been in various venues, including VISION, Purpose, and Wassenaar magazines, as well as Flak Photo and Humble Arts Foundation’s group show online. She was chosen to participate in The Exposure Project’s new collaborative endeavor Graphic Intersections, and recent exhibitions include Melanie Flood Projects’ inaugural salon in Brooklyn and HERE and THERE at Snowflake/City Stock Gallery in St. Louis. Read more about her life and work on her blog, Tethered.







on the nightstand…


am loving..

  • My daughters’ perfect little bodies
  • Shooting pictures, as always
  • Gallery openings
  • The new Smoke Bush we planted in the backyard
  • The next-door neighbor’s fresh coat of yellow paint
  • Starting to fill my 2009 Moleskine pocket calendar
  • Our dog, despite her love of barking at squirrels
  • Date night


what inspires you about the fall?

Autumn always feels like a new beginning, with its crisp light and clean air, and a time to reflect fondly on the year past. It brings back the nostalgic memories I have of when I first met my husband, and the precious days I spent outdoors looking at the trees with my daughters when they were babies. There’s the requisite pumpkin-picking and hayrides and the photographing of each year’s Halloween costumes, marking the years. But the impending approach to winter is always in the background, reminding me to slow down and to prepare for a sort of hibernation. I clean house, lower the storm windows, wash the down comforters and create a haven for surviving the cold season ahead.


what are three constants in your day?

  1. Kissing my girls and my husband good morning and good night
  2. A shower
  3. Reading photography blogs

4 thoughts on “5: elizabeth fleming

  1. Love the blankie photo. Something about the perspective makes it look like it’s from a doll’s house. The white flat / laundry basket is great, to – as in “I’m g oing on a laundry strike!”

  2. Beautiful and tender photographic observations.

    And, thanks S & S, for bringing us issue five.
    (5? Already?! No, surely not. Days and months, they all seems to whiz by at rapid rate.)

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