8: ed whitman

ed whitman

ed whitman
coffee roaster

At an early age, Ed Whitman had a suspicion that good coffee and good beer didn’t come in a can. Today, whether roasting coffee at home or painting, Ed loves hiding out in his garage studio and working with his hands. He enjoys learning and exploring every day. He has worked in specialty coffee as a Manager and Trainer for over 15 years. You may read more about his thoughts on coffee at his blog Coffee is Food.




Grown in ideal micro climates, coffee starts as a cherry seed, hand picked when ripe, and is then carefully processed by exemplary growers and roasted to perfection. Brewed fresh at home, making a cup of coffee is more complex than simply uncorking good wine. Each precise step along the way impacts the coffee’s flavor.




how to make the perfect cup of coffee (French press):

  1. Buy fresh coffee weekly or bi-weekly. Coffee loses freshness quickly.
  2. Measure 2 tbsp. of coffee beans to 6 oz. of water.
  3. Grind coffee just before brewing—a coarse grind for French Press, the feel of kosher salt.
  4. Add ground coffee to French press carafe.
  5. Use filtered water between 195-205ºF or 1 minute off a boil.
  6. When ready, add water to coffee in French press and stir.
  7. Start a timer for 4 minutes.
  8. Add plunger to press.
  9. At 4 minutes, slowly press plunger down.
  10. Enjoy while fresh and hot, within 30 minutes.




on the nightstand…

am loving..

what inspires you about the winter?

  • Good excuse to eat soup and wear layers

what are three constants in your day?

  1. Making coffee
  2. Computer
  3. Listening to NPR

what three things do you hope to accomplish in 2009?

  1. do more drawing
  2. explore more coffee-growing regions
  3. teach my 6-year old to ride his bike






order ed’s coffee:

although we are sold out of the limited edition winter coffee + prints package, ed will be roasting another small batch of the Finca Mauritania, especially for this joy+ride readers the week of january 12th!he’s offering 12 oz. bags of coffee for $12 + s/h. email us to place your coffee order. (thank you for your coffee orders! this batch has sold out.)

we will also be teaming up with ed in a few months with a limited edition spring coffee + prints package!


9 thoughts on “8: ed whitman

  1. thanks for the directions on how to brew the perfect french press, i find i’ve been brewing it too long! thanks for the tip, and the cofee & prints package sounds really exciting!

  2. I love the coffee/prints package idea! And what a swell issue of this joy+ride. Oh why must morning coffee time be so far away?

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