10: MAV



Maria Alexandra Vettese is an artist who uses her letterpress, her camera and a frequent indulgence in daydreaming to sort out her creative ideas. Along with running her little business, port2port press, she co-curates Lines & Shapes, a small book collective and is one half of the 3191 Miles Apart projects, which includes the book A Year of Mornings published by Princeton Architectural Press in the Fall of 2008. She works out of an inspiration-lined, light-filled studio and resides with her two cats in Portland, Maine.




artist’s note:

my photographs are from a winter dinner up in Camden, Maine. three of us drove up, met two more friends there, ate a very cozy meal and then drove back home under star-lit winter skies. it was a special evening with special people.








on the nightstand…

am loving…

my nephew miles, big round white candles lit every night, working on my own cookie recipes, sunday suppers with my friends/family, snuggling, charred kale with lemon and parmesan cheese.

what inspires you about the winter?

the lingering, warm fires, layering, the orange light after a snowfall, seeing your breath, deep red wines, patterns on the window, going to bed early.

what are three constants in your day?

  1. my two cats waking me up
  2. french press coffee
  3. lavender lotion

what are your hopes for 2009?

more quiet time, staying in touch with those i love, lots of drawing, a year-full of interesting and inspiring posts at 3191 Miles Apart.


14 thoughts on “10: MAV

  1. Driving home cloaked by a blanket of stars, warm and sated… yes, this is the epitome of a wonderful night in the month of winter. Beautiful work, Mav.

    And thank-you S and S for bringing us all another inspiring issue. I am eager to get to issue 11.

    xo g

  2. a wonderful issue- mav is a very inspiring artist.
    feels like i was part of the dinner even if i sit at my pool at the tip of africa in the middle of summer :)

  3. i am so addicted to charred kale with lemon and parmesean…glad to find another one who shares this love. Beautiful, warm photos.

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