13: stephanie congdon barnes

stephanie congdon barnes

Stephanie is a mother of two, a creator of little things, a sometimes interior designer, an outdoor explorer, a snapshot-taker and a kitchen mess-maker. She lives in Portland, Oregon.







on my nightstand:


am currently loving:

  • playing scrabble with my daughter
  • horseradish
  • the music of blind pilot
  • maker’s mark with ginger ale and lemon
  • our new crisp white sheets
  • dave’s killer good seed bread
  • the kindness of others


what inspires you about spring?

  • putting on our saltwater sandals
  • my children getting good and dirty outside every day
  • the lilac tree in bloom
  • sitting on the porch
  • planting a garden
  • the first camping trip of the year


what are three constants in your day?

  • coffee in my big white tumbler
  • laughing at something my husband said
  • reading to my children


three dishes that you find yourself cooking over and over:

  • granola
  • pizza
  • red lentil soup


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