15: rinne allen


rinne allen

rinne allen has been photographing since she was 15. she has long been interested in documenting the things she sees & experiences, but does so in an impressionistic way. she tries hard to encapsulate the feelings she has the moment she closes the shutter, and she photographs daily as a way of recording these feelings & memories. most of her work is made in the backyard of her old house in athens, georgia where she lives with her husband, their son, three cats, three chickens, and thousands of honeybees. see more at rinneallen.com.+










on my nightstand:


am currently loving:

  • the sound of birds chirping
  • foraged ramps (a leek that grows wild here) and morels
  • natural dyes


what inspires you about spring?

i photograph most in spring, which is funny because some of spring’s colors are not my favorites…but i guess i am coming out of a sort-of hibernation so that is why i am out so much with my camera. to me, spring means fresh starts and new possibilities. and i love seeing everyone enjoying being outdoors- old, young, just out walking or biking…and the growing season really begins, so there is much good food to look forward to.


what are three constants in your day?

  • being with my family
  • looking out my window in the morning
  • making something


what is your idea of the perfect spring supper?

grazing on something homegrown while sitting on a quilt in the grass with my family. a menu could go like this: grilled ramps, simply sauteed morels, young arugula, crunchy bread, a light crisp wine (maybe homemade plum wine?), and fresh berries with a dollop of honey on top.


14 thoughts on “15: rinne allen

  1. This post makes me smile and warms my heart.
    She and her work are quite inspiring, I am happy to meet her here!
    {I like knowing of someone else too w/ 3 cats! We must be slightly crazy, in a good way.}
    Thank you ladies!

  2. I love the picnic menu.
    And I wonder if you’re liking the Janisse Ray book. I read it as a college literature assignment, and really enjoyed it.

  3. i have admired rinne’s work for a long time now, and this morning visited her site again to see what she’s been up to, and that’s how i found my way here. i’ll be back for the next issue.

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