17: heather smith jones

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heather smith jones

Heather Smith Jones knew she wanted to be an artist from the time she was three and watercolor painting in her father’s clay studio. Growing up in the mountains and by the ocean, she now lives in a little house on the prairie with her designer/builder/woodworker husband and their three cats. Her favorite days are spent drawing and painting quietly in her sunlit studio, making bread or cookies and helping tend their vegetable garden. Heather earned her M.F.A. in 2001, and is represented by galleries nationwide with work in many private and corporate collections. Please visit her website and blog to see more.





finding winter


animals of all kinds

monday story

monday story




on my nightstand:

a stack of magazines including issues of art on paper, vegetarian times, and smithsonian and sometimes a stray chocolate wrapper.


am currently loving:

  • eating fresh greens {spinach, lettuce, mesclun mix, bok choy} from our garden
  • working in the studio with all the windows and skylights open
  • hearing the birds’ songs echo in the trees above


what inspires you about spring?

  • the gentle breezes
  • the sweet smell of freshly cut grass
  • awakening to something new every day


what are three constants in your day?

  • looking up to the morning sky
  • making french press coffee
  • taking a daily photo


what is your idea of the perfect spring supper?

I think we enjoyed a wonderful spring supper just last weekend when we had a handful of friends over for a little impromptu garden party. We opened up the studio door to the garden, the kids played in the field next door, we ate grilled kabobs, spinach & strawberry salad, and potato salad, with each dish incorporating either a salad green or herb from our garden. Oh, and there were cupcakes.


13 thoughts on “17: heather smith jones

  1. Heather your work is so fresh. Your drawing is exquisite, while i really enjoy your “layering” and open negative space. Simply lovely.

  2. oh my gosh. i love her work. i’ve been amazed by her style since she did a collaboration with someone…it was called inspiration. it was very inspiring, particularly on heather’s side. truly, great work. and great choice of artists.

  3. i really love the answer to your favorite thing about spring. it is so good to remember the beauty of growth and seeing something new everyday!!

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