18: aino salmela


aino salmela

I’m 28 years old, historian, photographer and maker of handmade things living and daydreaming in Helsinki, Finland. I share my life with my future husband and a welsh corgi. Together we love simple life with lots of bicycle rides around town, and dream of moving to countryside where I’m originally from. I write a blog too (in finnish with a brief summary in english) where I share small details and inspirations of my days.









on my nightstand:

a Sigur Rós cd (it’s been my good night music for years), Tim Birkhead’s book The Wisdom of Birds, alarm clock, current knitting project.


am currently loving:

  • wild flowers
  • folk art
  • african literature
  • honey yellow colour
  • nightly walks
  • journal writing
  • Bill Callahan’s album Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle


what inspires you about summer?

Definitely light. It’s everywhere, no matter what the time is! There seems to be some sort of lightness & happiness in people too, which gives me a good feeling. Also summer rain, sea & salty air, day trips and camping, and simply doing nothing are my sources of summer inspiration.


what are three constants in your day?

Walks, reading, tea/coffee. All the year around.


what is your idea of the perfect summer evening?

Two versions for this: one spent in the cottage almost in the middle of nowhere, listening to the quietness or the occasional bird songs. Making a fire and eating grilled vegetables, chatting with family. In the other version the evening is spent in in a crowded concert in the city park listening to Wilco playing.


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