20: brian ferry


brian ferry

brian ferry is a lawyer by day who spends most of his spare time with a camera in hand. he lives in brooklyn, NY and likes cooking, eating + drinking, good music and taking photographs. he is currently involved in a torrid love affair with film, and he blogs about this and other things at the blue hour.











on the nightstand:


am loving:

  • cold-brewed iced coffee, taken outdoors
  • wimbledon
  • madras button-downs
  • dark and stormys
  • the kinks+


what inspires you about summer?

the deep greens everywhere, porch-sitting, visiting the farmer’s market, berries at breakfast, lunch and after dinner, sea salt air, the twinkle of party lights strung outdoors, summer thunderstorms, and the way the streets in new york city come alive.


what are three constants in your day?

  • running late
  • burt’s bees lip balm in my pocket
  • listening to NPR+


what’s your idea of a perfect summer evening?

friends, a game of bocce or croquet, a grilled dinner outside, cold drinks, the sound of cicadas and if we are lucky, some night swimming.


38 thoughts on “20: brian ferry

  1. So beautiful, Brian. Really, really beautiful. I’m especially in love with the second one, of the windows. That feels like a good summer to me.

  2. Oh Brian. I swear, I have such a photography crush on you. I love watching your work develop. That shot of the windows just stops me in its warmth. Wow.

  3. the warmth of those lights are so perfectly summer.
    i got to get me some film although i’m not sure i’ll ever use it as well as this gentleman ;)
    love these a lot!

  4. that last photo is absolutely amazing. great answers to the questions (and i’m especially happy that the book was linked to powells!)

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  6. Oh, how happy to come home and see two of my favorite things in one place; a new Joy+Ride, and Brian’s photos. I can’t imagine how hard it was to pick just a few of them. Thank you for this beautiful little collection.

  7. Oh man, Brian. These are magical and you captured every single beautiful thing about summer.

    I want to hang these on my wall.

  8. love this. just discovered your blog and nice to find you here too. i also can’t believe that we have the same 3 daily constants. those are always mine too.
    you’ve completely captured the summery feeling that i love. thanks.

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