21: jennifer causey


jennifer causey

Jennifer Causey is a freelance photographer who enjoys daily breakfasts and frequent coffee breaks. Her work is often inspired by an internal struggle. She is habitually torn between her love for the city and her longing for the country. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she enjoys finding special moments in each day and continuing her quest for the perfect ice cream flavor. She shares her daily breakfasts at simply breakfast and her photo inspirations at simply photo. See more of her work at jennifercausey.com.

Photographer’s Note: These photos are from a recent trip to visit family and friends, which really have me thinking about the possibilities of living in the South again.









on the nightstand:


am loving:

  • tank tops + sandals
  • cool evening breezes
  • weekly trips to the farmers market
  • the sounds of summer in the city: ice cream trucks, children laughing, music playing.
  • the sounds of summer in the country: crickets + frogs, trees rustling, thunder in the distance.


what inspires you about summer?

The carefree feeling it evokes. Whoever you are, you can think back to a time when you were a child and summer meant no school and freedom. I love that it draws people outside and brings them together to enjoy the warmth of the sun and summer picnics in the park.


what are three constants in your day?

  • my morning coffee
  • looking out my kitchen window
  • daydreaming


what’s your idea of a perfect summer evening?

Sitting outside, sipping a cold beer, and looking at the night sky.


15 thoughts on “21: jennifer causey

  1. Hoooo boy, do I know that city/country torn feeling well! I love these. Thanks for such a happy summery break from my work this morning, Jen and Shari and Sheri!

  2. these photos perfectly capture that carefree feeling, jen. so nice
    (and i loved “why the devil chose new england for his work” – striking stories.)

  3. Love this! I just recently found your beautiful journal here…though I’ve devoured Simply Breakfast photos for years. I have read through the entire archives–and cannot wait for more. What a treat, these glimpses into creative lives. Also–I adore the ‘inspiration’ links!

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