22: tracey clark



tracey clark

tracey is a self-proclaimed everyday photographer and stalker of backyard bokeh. she has two charming daughters who act as creative muses and a new girl-dog that offers constant comic relief. tracey is the founder of shutter sisters (where she also contributes) and blogs at mother may i. she shoots and writes professionally—as well as just for fun—and when given the chance she’ll share her creative insights with anyone who will listen.

*these images were captured with a Lensbaby on my a recent trip to and from NYC










on the nightstand:

  • simple abundance (always has been and always will be within arms reach)
  • a notebook & pen
  • candles

am loving:

  • my super-wide angle Lensbaby converter
  • new perspectives
  • playing fetch with Junie

what inspires you about summer?

  • beach days
  • ocean breezes
  • tan lines on tiny bodies

what are three constants in your day?

  • one good cup of coffee
  • pulling my daughter’s bangs back into a clip
  • shutter sisters

how do you plan to say goodbye to summer?

i bid summer adieu on my birthday each year. the end of august is a time of welcome change for me. i always get a burst of creative energy this time of year, as i shift gears from the unstructured summer to the schedule of fall.


11 thoughts on “22: tracey clark

  1. Love the photos…I am coveting the Lensbaby! I find that I get my “burst of creative energy” twice a year…once in January and the other in September!

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