26: jen korff

jennifer a. korff
artist + photographer

Jen is founder and principal creative of her one-woman atelier, Sophik Studio. She spends most days chasing light; working to capture moments redolent of dreams. She recently self-published a collection of photographs entitled we never really knew what time it was and loves to blog her inspirations. She resides in Logan Square, Chicago with her partner and two monstrous kitties.

Photographer’s note: The following photographs were captured on a recent trip to New York City, Bear Mountain and Sleepy Hollow, New York.









on the nightstand:

  • a collection of journals dating back to my childhood
  • a clamping glass jar of Olivina body butter
  • OK OK OK by Mike Slack
  • an old metal box with trinkets inside including a paper umbrella from a cocktail marked “Matt’s Bday” and a dried leaf charm necklace
  • a wooden standing tree puzzle bought at a market in Split, Croatia


am loving:

  • that magical autumn light and how it illuminates the big yellowing tree outside our bedroom window
  • baking/munching our peck of spurmacs and royal galas
  • Believer Mag’s October issue
  • scarfs and slippers, preferably worn together at home
  • leadbelly on the record player


what inspires you about autumn?

  • feeling cozy in layers once again
  • how it makes me turn in, feeling quiet and contented
  • recipes like this and this old thing


what’s your idea of the perfect early october meal?

A kitchen date with my partner making autumn squash ravioli with sage brown butter, drinking a red wine of his choice (his palate is better than mine) while listening to tunes on the record player.


what are three constants in your day?

  • Buster paws on my face
  • S’s espresso
  • daydreaming and dilly-dallying


20 thoughts on “26: jen korff

  1. These images are beautiful, I love the top two. And the idea of feeling cozy in layers again goes right along with them. Dilly-dallying, I like that too. Thanks for sharing ladies!

  2. i love these photos…i recognize some of these places, too. i spent a chilly day last week in that cemetery, walking and taking pictures. it’s beautiful and eerie, both. thanks for this issue. very nice.

  3. I love these! The photo of the man on the bicycle in the park makes me miss New York especially. And I sure would like some Concord grapes. These photos all make me feel so cozy and ready for fall.

  4. Hi Stephanie! I will be updating my shop over the weekend with more autumn prints. I will be sure to include the two trees :). Thank you!

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