28: sarah neuburger

sarah neuburger

As a maker of whimsical and unique designs, Sarah Neuburger churns out all manner of housewares, artwork, paper goods, and rubber stamps for The Small Object, a small cottage industry she began back in 2004. Sarah has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, which means she was a crazy lucky devil who got to experiment full-time in her studio for two years straight. She now feels even more lucky to be running her own shop full-time. However, to this day, she still does not like the color violet, and she will never bring vegetables to your house.







on the nightstand:

A vintage clock, a seashell lady made in the Philippines, and a beautiful blue pitcher (made by local potter Margie Thompson), which holds equally wonderful crochet narcissus from Etsy seller Suili.


am loving:

Linen, plaids, triangles, cut paper, Versacraft ink, curry, ginger syrup, and cayenne chocolate cookies.


what inspires you about winter?

The bare negative spaces, cool air, breath becoming visible.

Winter is awesome. I love everything about it. When I was further north, I loved waking up to a blanket of white space. Going out for a walk after a snow and hearing the sound of compacting it under my feet never once got old.


what’s one item in your winter wardrobe you can’t go without?

Footless tights. I know it seems ridiculous footless anything in the winter, but down here we don’t have to worry about snow.


what are three constants in your day?

Beyond the obvious: email, post office, packing orders…here are the ones I have to try harder to keep constant:

  • sketch
  • skate
  • write down deadlines

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