29: amisha sharma

amisha sharma

amisha sharma is a knitter, sewer, soapmaker, + photographer. she has degrees in women’s studies, religious studies, + latin american studies, and is currently on her way to becoming a public interest lawyer. amisha lives in a small apartment in brooklyn, NY with a great deal of fabric + quilts. when she is very lucky, she also lives in north florida in a little house with her husband + two cats. she was raised in south louisiana, and has finally started to get adjusted to winter.







on the nightstand:

  • a teetering stack of various craft + cooking magazines… gourmet, bon appétit, stitch, american patchwork + quilting, japanese craft magazines


am loving:

  • pulling my sweaters + scarves out of hibernation after a warm fall, + bundling in layers each morning
  • hot winter cocktails, particularly hot toddies + spiked cider
  • a mid-afternoon cookie break at bouchon bakery, my final exam comfort food


what inspires you about winter?

  • the way my face + body feel a few minutes into a winter walk… cheeks, nose, ears chilled + rosy, body warm under layers of scarf + sweater + coat. and after the walk, entering a heated room + taking off layers, closing my eyes + realizing that even my eyes were cold… every bit of the body feels alive
  • the emerging palette of rich grays, browns, blacks, + whites… after the brightness + vividness of fall, seeing a new + subtler natural beauty
  • snow (though we’ve had only flurries in new york so far)… so looking forward to the quiet after the snow, and watching flakes swirl through the air


what’s one item in your winter wardrobe you can’t go without?

boots! i love all my scarves + sweaters but it is really the boots that i have to have on. this season i am wearing short brown fryes every single day. what i love about boots is the way that they make me feel prepared for absolutely anything the city could throw at me… rain, sleet, snow. i pair them with handknit striped socks + my feet are cozy + warm all day long.


what’s your idea of the perfect winter meal?

italian food, eaten out with my love… preferably in a tiny + warm restaurant, lamp or candle-lit, with a meal featuring tomato sauces + garlic + glasses of red wine.


what are three constants in your day?

  • breakfast—2 cups of very strong coffee, + a bowl of my husband’s homemade muesli (current batch includes almonds, cranberries, currants, quinoa, + several other types of grains) combined with my homemade yogurt + one spoonful of upstate NY maple syrup. i am very devoted to my breakfast!
  • some type of handwork, if only for 5 minutes while i talk to my husband on the phone… knitting, hand-sewing, patchwork. it is a very rare day when i don’t have that piece of creative time + i feel its lack acutely.
  • watching the not-so-distant lights on the brooklyn-queens expressway from my living room window.

23 thoughts on “29: amisha sharma

  1. hi amisha! i love every picture and every word of this. thank you so much for sharing these pieces of your beautiful world. and i feel exactly the same about a good pair of boots: invincible. best wishes, tara

  2. per.fect. i just just saw design your life in a little shop and wanted to buy it but didn’t. and the boots – i tell l. that boots are magic – that they make us feel invincible. just like you said.

    a lovely little morsel on this winter night. thank you!

  3. hello, friend!
    i loved reading this, getting a glimpse of your every day.
    i’ve been wearing my short gray fryes most days and also find myself quite cranky without a little handwork each day.

  4. I am a big fan of Amisha and the way she infuses her day with her vision of the world. She has this uncanny way of making it feel so big but at the same time so comfortable and homey.

  5. I know exactly how you feel about handwork. Here I sit, at my desk typing, but my heart is at home with my in-process check pattern baby alpaca scarf.

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