31: ky shobert

ky shobert

Ky Shobert is a middle school teacher by day and freelance photographer by night who prefers cameras to pens.  She thinks her boyfriend is the bee’s knees, and secretly wishes that Los Angeles did not get such a bad rap.  You can view more of her work at Shades of Mediocrity and Flickr.








on the nightstand:


am loving:

  • photowalks with my boyfriend
  • teaching “history alive!”
  • roasted asparagus—lots and lots of roasted asparagus
  • sea wolf’s  “leaves in the river”
  • niko niko sushi


what inspires you about winter?

  • the stark whiteness of snow
  • family gatherings


what’s one item in your winter wardrobe you can’t go without?

my vast collection of scarves.


what’s your idea of the perfect winter meal?

my mom’s pennsylvania dutch chicken pot pie.


what are three constants in your day?

  • my camera by my side
  • chai tea
  • an infinite stack of papers to grade


tell us about the inspiration behind the work featured here.

i so often fumble with words and found that a camera allowed me to express myself in a way that ink and paint never could.  this series of photographs was taken in a period of time in which i had first separated from my ex-husband, and was simply trying to find a voice for what i was feeling.  virginia woolf referred to these revealing bits as “shivering fragments,” and that has always stuck with me.  by showing just a small piece of the whole, i am saying so much more than the big picture could reveal.


24 thoughts on “31: ky shobert

  1. thank you for this introduction to ky and her work. (these photos make me want to take pictures of people, which i almost never want to do.) i love the way the lens acts as pen here.

  2. these photos are some of my absolute favourite self-portraits.
    i love that they show just a small piece; i come back to them again and again.

  3. I truly adore Ky. She’s a wonderful person and I love how she sees the world and makes it magical. She can find the story on a city street or inside an empty room – and as we see here, by turning the camera on herself. I’m so glad you chose her for this – brilliant.

    Congrats Ky! :)

  4. i’am quite smitten by ky and her work. love this feature of her, she inspires me daily so it’s fascinating to hear what inspires her.. well done!

  5. thank you, shari and sheri! it is such an honor to be featured among all of the talented folks who precede me. :)
    and thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments.
    wenders – is that you?!
    molly – you are so sweet for saying so. i could hug you right now. :)
    dani – xo!

  6. these are so purely beautiful. i mostly shy away from myself as a subject, but now you’ve made me think twice about it.
    and i love your words…not so much fumbling at all.

  7. love this issue. i think i’ll be coming back over and over again.

    these are so inspiring as i’m embarking on my own self portrait journey this year. thanks for sharing this work here :)

  8. Oh, I am always happy when I see “shades of mediocrity” come up in my Flickr stream! And I hear you on the stack of papers to grade… Whew.

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