spring roasts 2010

Hello, spring — season of pretty blooms, happy bird songs, and chilly mornings in which to sip your favorite hot cup. Today, we are pleased to bring you the first and second seasonal roasts of 2010. That’s right. Two wonderful picks this time, which we know you will love.

from your roaster:

For each this joy+ride offering, I acquire several of the season’s best coffee samples, taste them blind, and select my favorites. This season’s candidates were from Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. After two rounds of tasting, the winners were two unique coffees from Brazil.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee followed by Colombia and Vietnam. Brazil is most often known for neutral tasting coffee that gets blended into low-grade canned coffee. Well, not these Brazils. Within the last five years, Brazil has had a resurgence of unique and stellar coffees with flavors to match. Both of this season’s coffees come from the savanna-like region of Cerrado in the Minas Gerais State. They were also processed in the pulp natural process where the coffee cherry skin is removed and honey-like, sticky pulp dries directly on the coffee bean. This adds more body to the coffee, with flavors of caramel or chocolate.

Here are my two spring picks and their flavor notes:

  • Fazenda Cachoeira has a cedar and clove aroma, full body, cashew sweetness, and buttery aftertaste.
  • Fazenda Joao de Campos has a floral and lemon aroma, rich body, flavors of butterscotch and dried fruit, and a clean aftertaste.

Hope you enjoy them both.


this joy+ride spring roast duo

For spring, we are selling our roaster’s picks in a sweet and flavorful coffee two-some.

Each coffee order will include:

Two 6oz. bags (one of each type) of the limited edition spring roasts, whole bean:

  • $15 + $5 s/h, only 10 duos available SOLD OUT! thank you for your orders!

To order, simply email us at thisjoyride {at} gmail.com. In a day or so, you will receive a Paypal invoice. Coffee orders will be fresh roasted and shipped after April 11th.

this joy+ride t-shirts:

We are excited to announce the sale of new this joy+ride t-shirts for women, men, and kids! Orders must be placed separately through our CafePress store. Order yours by April 15th, and get your shirt at our cost (no markup; see CafePress store for prices).

Happy coffee drinking and t-shirt wearing! As always, thank you for your support.


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