10 thoughts on “36: lucie banatre + xavier parmantier

  1. so so lovely.
    xavier – i’m having the same reaction to your videos that i think you had to the ones that inspired you… HOW did you do it? can i make videos so lovely? not sure….

    and the way the photos and videos go together is really wonderful
    thanks for this peek shari and sheri

  2. this has been my absolute favourite issue. the light, the fuzzy images and the music made me long to be outside in the sunshine with my camera and music. love!

  3. Thank you all ! We’re really happy you like it :)
    This is a bit special to us too since we’re leaving France very very soon and these stuffs will stay like great souvenirs from some of our favorite places in France.. places where we were born and where we lived :’o)
    and Thx so much shari & sheri

  4. Beautiful. The light and the blur in the video is simple wonderful. I too really like how the pictures work so well with the video. Beautiful.

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