40: hannah huffman

hannah huffman

hannah huffman lives in california!  this is something brand new, so an exclamation point is warranted.  her husband and three children live there, too and share in the excitement.  hannah is a photographer by night and an archaeologist by day.  she is documenting this year of change with a 365 day project on flickr,  and is sometimes known to blog about things.







on the nightstand:

(i’m quite excited to have a real nightstand for the first time ever!)

  • small crucible to hold my necklace and wedding ring while i sleep
  • portrait of my namesake given to me by my grandmother
  • a worn copy of grapes of wrath
  • tissues
  • alarm clock


am loving:

  • sweet tea! i’ve never been a big fan, but since moving it seems as though the midwesterner in me is coming out.
  • watching the kids turn brown as little walnuts
  • sitting under the shadows of the pergola on the back patio
  • eating peaches from the tree in the backyard


how does summer inspire you?

as long as i can remember, i’ve claimed summer as my very own. the long lazy days give me room to breathe and think. the golden light at the end of a summer day can stir up the beginnings of great things in the bowl of your mind.  and you have the whole summer to let them simmer. you can accomplish as much or as little as you like in the summer. and still reward yourself with a smoothie on the porch with friends. summer is for visiting.  for laying in the grass. for frisbee and ice cream cones. winter is for resting, spring is for new growth, and summer is for ripening.  summer is good for you.


what’s one item in your summer wardrobe you can’t go without?

white hanes men’s v-neck t shirts.  they’re good for everything.  pair it with flip-flops for the park, throw on a scarf for dinner, and at night slip off your dainties and slide right into bed.  those t shirts work around the clock.+

what’s your idea of the perfect homemade summer meal?

grilled chicken caesar salads, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and homemade ice cream for dessert.


what are three constants in your day?

  • a cup of coffee in the morning
  • lunch at home with the family
  • sunset strolls


tell us about the inspiration behind the work featured here.

this is a very special set of summer photographs for me.  we just made a big move from kansas city to california, the land of eternal summer. we couldn’t be more thrilled. but while looking through my roll of film for this project, i got very nostalgic for the midwestern summer. yes, i know it’s hotter than blazes there. yes, i know the humidity is so thick, you feel like you’re swimming. yes, i know that a thunderstorm so huge and dark can come out of nowhere and soak everything to the bone. i know all these things because that is my summer.  what i didn’t really think about was that summers can be different. so here i am, learning about a new kind of summer. one that involves oceans, sand rubbing the skin between your toes, cool nighttime breezes, calling birds and sweet-smelling flowers that waft through your open window at night.  but don’t worry about me, i’ve got a quick learning curve.


25 thoughts on “40: hannah huffman

  1. This is exactly summer. Exactly how it is here in the midwest. I love summer so deeply, it’s always been the season in which I thrive the most. Thank you for sharing summer thoughts!

  2. The last image, the one with the corn, it is perfection. Having spent much of my childhood (and a decent part of adulthood) in Chicago, I know what it is like to actually miss the humidity and thunderstorms, especially the loud evening thunderstorms. I think those Midwestern seasons will always feel like home to me. California is nice too. I hope you like it.

  3. i love how much inspiration you get from summer, hannah. it makes me really really excited and happy.
    thanks for these words.

  4. Bravvissimo. Love the photographs. They do say summer in so many ways. I love clithes hanging on the line. I remember as a kid, running through the hanging clothes with my friends.

    The ice cream looks refreshing, but to me ice cream is year round. Not just for summer.

  5. like you wrote on my flickr page, hannah: “I know [hannah] in real life. she is even better.” this is so you and so good.

  6. I’m a huge fan of Hannah Huffman’s flickr stream. When I see one of her children’s photo, I want to be back in childhood.

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