43: tara thayer

tara shannon thayer
writer/photographer (there we said it)

tara isn’t quite sure what to say about herself at this stage of the game. it used to be easy: she used to simply say that she’s a mom to three girls and a stepmom to three girls.  that’s six.  girls. for a few years, she could say that she and her husband ran an art gallery. but as of last month, they no longer do. she can still say she loves to cook and to make a cozy house. and she still takes lots of *pictures* and *writes* about it all. but she’s not sure yet if she can say she’s a writer and photographer.







on the nightstand:

  • several photography books by flickr friends, which serve as constant sources of inspiration and encouragement.
  • prodigal summer by barbara kingsolver, which i’m re-reading.
  • a large book on the macdowell colony i bought in nh. (a girl can dream…)
  • glass milk bottles filled with water, and a glass.
  • black hair elastics (i’m becoming one of those ladies who never wears her hair down except when going to sleep.)


am loving:

  • the morning hours.
  • my daughters’ summer skin.
  • polaroid.
  • anything vintage in the color of a berry carton.
  • daydreaming about sweater weather.
  • whatever they’re selling at the farmers’ market.
  • tim.


how does summer inspire you?

i spend the school year
tending to everything,
i do a good job.
i get lunches made,
i get laundry done,
i get everyone
where they should be
when they need to be there.
i tuck them in.
i keep them in line.
i run the show.

this summer
i have felt
a weight lifted,
an easing.
sometimes i pause
and think,
“should i be doing something else?
am i missing something?”
and this summer,
the answer is
i’m where i should be.  i’m just here.
i’m letting things be.
it feels right.


what’s one item in your summer wardrobe you can’t go without?

black flip-flops. i don’t think i’ve worn anything else on my feet since april.  even for hiking. as you can imagine, i got a bit of ribbing about that as we hiked up sugarloaf mountain. i do have a fancier pair of leather sandals. but really, is there anything that black flip flops don’t go with?


what’s your idea of the perfect homemade summer meal?

any meal we have with our friends, where we drink wine, and talk, and play music, and our kids go off and think they’re having a better time than we are.


what are three constants in your day?

  • girls.
  • tim.
  • home.


tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

these were taken with the pentax k1000 a friend got as a sixteenth birthday present, an unspecified amount of years ago, and loaned to me this april. they are all from time spent in august in bethlehem, nh, at the home of friends. there was much activity going on, but these quiet photos express the mood of the place nonetheless. i felt such peace being there.


26 thoughts on “43: tara thayer

  1. writer and photographer indeed! such lovely photos, tara – you always evoke a story with your lens. and thanks s & s for a wonderful showcase.

  2. tara’s photos and writings have been a constant source of inspiration for me this summer, and getting to know her better through them has been a lovely bonus. it’s so nice to see her here!

  3. tara your photos really evoke peace and contentment to me. i look forward to them every day on flickr. your summer looks beautiful. here’s to a lovely fall.

  4. Tara’s photos always give me inspiration…and I have to agree with her idea of the perfect summer meal…I love the children thinking that they are having a better time…

  5. so wonderful to see this collection of tara’s work in this space. i love the way you two pair the eyes and the mind (images and words) of an artist in each issue.

  6. You are definitely a writer and a photographer. Love your blog and your photographs. They are very inspiring.

    Your attitude about life is exactly the way it should be. I need to remember this and accept it.

    I bought a k1000 on ebay recently for $16.00. How is that possible? I need to learn how to use it though. I am so used to the digital Canon.


  7. writer and photographer aren’t accurate, really. It ought to be Writer, and Photographer, Tara. Caps, for sure. Your words and images move me in more ways than I can count. Here, as always.

  8. i’m a bit behind on my internet reading, but so happy to see tara on here. her everyday shots are such an inspiration. and so is her pretty home. xoxoxo

  9. love the every day, but never show any of my images, why is that??…love photography its my job and my pastime…

    found a roll of 3200 delta put it in my old FM2 shot some street portraits at the folk festival, cant wait to see them

    love tara’s words and pictures, am inspired to get mine out there

  10. i’m so happy to see you in this space! when i saw it was you i thought, “yay!” i do love the quiet of these photos, and reading a bit more about how you see the months of summer and how it inspires you. you definitely capture the “feel” of the weightlessness of the season. enjoy!

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