45: gwen shlichta

gwen shlichta, aka bugheart

gwen’s heart is torn between insects and photography. she is a phd student in insect ecology + a lecturer for a course on animal-plant interactions. her love affair with polaroids began when she received a polaroid 600 camera on her 10th birthday.  photography has always been a constant in her life beginning as a way to document and evolving into much more. she usually carries an arsenal of cameras from polaroids to vintage brownie cameras and has been known to stand on chairs in restaurants to take a photo – embarrassing her family and friends.  she lives in a tiny washington dc apartment with her architect partner, grub, and two kitties, bear and spot. she hopes to move back to the west coast very soon.







on the nightstand:


am loving:

  • writing letters
  • wearing a sweater
  • polaroid softone film
  • orange evening light
  • early morning yoga to fleet foxes
  • knitting with wool


how does autumn inspire you?

the beginning of autumn
brings with it
the end of my research field season.
it is a reflective time
after a whirlwind of work + worry.
i can pause + appreciate
instead of it being
out working in it.
the most inspiring part of autumn is
the colors + the light.
every thing is golden.
washed in tones
of yellow + orange.
it glows.


what’s one item in your autumn wardrobe you can’t go without?

a cardigan


what’s your idea of the perfect homemade autumn meal?

spicy tomato soup and grilled cheese with roasted chili peppers


what are three constants in your day?

  • a morning cup of tea
  • knitting
  • feeding caterpillars


tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

i am most inspired to photograph
when I travel…
we love to get a zipcar or hop on a train
& head somewhere new to enjoy this time of year.
these polaroids are all recent day trips with grub.
autumn is my favorite time of year
i did not grow up with a real autumn in southern california.
i am making up for all those lost autumns.


11 thoughts on “45: gwen shlichta

  1. Such a treat to get this glimpse of your days, Gwen! And I didn’t know I could be more excited about fall’s arrival but you’ve made me even happier about it.

  2. incredible photograph and wonderful words. I love the idea of traveling by train with a camera. It just sounds so rich.

    I am in southern Cal and always look forward to January when I can finally wear wool sweaters on a daily basis.

  3. gwen… you are a pola master
    and yes – traveling always sparks the pola taking bug in me too. too bad i don’t travel much these days :)

  4. Wonderful polaroids Gwen. I love that one of you constants is feeding caterpillars. That’s not something everyone can say… more is the pity. xo lj

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