49: meg werner

meg werner

meg werner currently lives in kansas city, missouri after a total of five years in europe where she studied french, economics, and the art of mucking about. she is passionate about photography, piano, family, friends, and sweets. when she is not travelling for work, she is enjoying living with her little sister, who cooks for her almost every night. she is very grateful for this because she can be rubbish and impatient in the kitchen. after a three-year blogging hiatus, she started posting photos here once again.







on the nightstand:

  • marcus aurelius’ meditations (almost always)
  • about a boy by nick hornby
  • a Christmas letter from a friend and a pen and paper to write back


am loving:

  • nick drake
  • the scent of fire in the cold winter air
  • vanilla lattes that taste like burnt marshmallow
  • chopin’s letters
  • my sister’s homemade lavender soap
  • crispy warm toasted english muffins with a pat of fresh butter and homemade marmalade


how does winter inspire you?

i love that everyone hunkers down in their houses like bears, so that on evening walks almost all of the homes in my neighborhood are lit from within and i get to take a tiny peak at the goings-ons of the house. i am inspired and contented (all at once) by the routines at the heart of a home when the day is winding down.

i also appreciate that winter is a time of opportunities and starting fresh- in the northern hemisphere everything goes so quiet and dormant- the slate is cleared for the next year, both in nature and in our lives. i also am inspired by the fact that somehow as a culture we have managed to align seeing the friends and family that we may only get to see a few times a year with the beginning of a new year. it is the perfect setup for: one, hearing about that friends’ adventures, which may inspire our own future plans; two, consulting and seeking advice from those we love most on new ideas and exciting goals; and three, discussing and feeling grand about what’s next– a large part of the fun of life is the mystery and anticipation of what goodness is around the corner.


what’s your idea of the perfect homemade winter meal?

soup, bread, cheese, red wine.


what are three constants in your day?

  • coffee
  • headphones and music
  • writing an email to a dear friend (sometimes i don’t even send them; i just write)


tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

my sister and i have a small flat and our decorations and meals (and pretty much everything we do) is streamlined and simple. i like it that way. these photos are a little glimpse into our world. they are also my way of letting you have a peak and our sometimes silly, sometimes dear-to-us routines and activities this time of year, without requiring a walk on a brutally cold evening to sneak a peak.


8 thoughts on “49: meg werner

  1. A nice feature. Good to see Meg is posting again! She was one of my many discoveries several years ago, on the Glass Doorknob. Her photo from a kitchen window (in Oxford, I think) is hanging in my home office, near my own window.

  2. oh, i loved this. loved it. what a good way for me to start my day today, as i’m waiting for family to come visit tonight. meg reminded me of the internal, personal connections that we’ll find, and not to be so darn worried about whether my house is clean enough.
    wonderful photos and thanks ladies for pointing me towards a new inspiration.

  3. Bravvissimo. I love the photographs. I also love that you and your sister sit down to dinner every night and that she cooks them most nights. It reminds me so much of Italy and the way a family lives. I also enjoy how you write about winter and people hunkering down. I love winter and the sensations of the season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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