50: rachel saldaña

rachel saldaña

Rachel can be recognized as the person always found straggling behind the group, trying to capture a photo of something or other while everyone else moves on.  She writes the blog Buttons Magee where she shares her photos along with her cooking and general quest for contentment.







on the nightstand:

  • a moleskine notebook
  • a few fun novels by Elizabeth Peters. I love her quirky heroines.
  • poems by Louis Borges
  • a box of Tiffany & Co. stationary I thrifted for $2
  • tiny trays to put my hairpins and jewelry
  • stacks of J.Crew catalogues — I just love their styling
  • tiny notes left under my pillow by one of my girls


am loving:

  • twinkle lights
  • champagne
  • oven-roasted steak fries
  • my sequin cardigan
  • road trips


how does winter inspire you?

wool blankets, rosy cheeks, seeing my breath in the air, sleeping close to stay warm, rich soups, candlelight, evergreens, hot chocolate


what’s one item in your winter wardrobe you can’t go without?

This year it’s my thrifted faux leopard coat. It’s pretty ridiculous but so cozy, and I always feel fabulous when wearing it.


what’s your idea of the perfect homemade winter meal?

Beef stew with onions and carrots over couscous with red wine and homemade bread. I could eat it every day.


what is your winter theme song this year?

In the winter I really seem to go back to the classics —Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra. There is nothing like their brand of swank.


what are three constants in your day?

  • coffee
  • a kiss from my husband and girls
  • photography


tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

I really love to capture what home means to me. It should be a safe haven, a warm blanket to wrap about you when you need comforting. I like capturing the moments “in between” the most…waiting to leave the house, breakfast before school, the nap after an activity. Those are often the moments of nostalgia.


15 thoughts on “50: rachel saldaña

  1. love.
    i love every one of these photos.
    and you can see the love, in rachel’s photos, in her home.

    this is just what i needed this second morning of january.

  2. i just put rachel’s winter meal on my menu for this week.

    …and i can’t say it any better than what alicia said. she captured rachel’s photography perfectly.

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