55: meredith winn

meredith winn
photographer + writer

Meredith Winn is a photographer and writer. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, but spends a big majority of her time daydreaming of the coast. Meredith is a Shutter Sister and a contributing photographer for Getty Images. You can check out her photography website for more images. She is a somewhat elusive (and sporadic) blogger found at the~spirit~of~the~river. Meredith drinks chai tea, parents mindfully, embraces this human existence, and will always be a camera shy momma.







on the nightstand:

{always always a stack of books}

am loving:

  • my head in the clouds
  • birdsongs from the backyard
  • the calm after the storm
  • the hope and possibility of tomorrow

how does spring inspire you?

Spring arrives spontaneously with tiny details surprising our every step. Pleasure popping up in green sprouts and pink blooms. Inspiration comes in through open windows. No socks and flip flops … spring is a sultry burlesque show. For this season, we become young and in love with anything and everything. The breeze, the hope, the sense of newness. Spring is carefree, butterflies, and dandelion wishes. Spring makes anything possible. With that energy, life blooms and hearts heal.

what’s one item in your spring wardrobe you can’t go without?

Bare feet and painted toenails.

what’s your idea of the perfect homemade spring meal?

Cheese quesadillas topped with salsa and sour cream. Yes please, and a side of spinach salad overflowing with carrots, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds. Yum!

what is your spring theme song this year?

Anything to lift me up. I’ve really been groovin’ to Alexander Ebert’s new album and how he seems to channel Bob Dylan and The Beatles (two of my favorites) on so many tracks. But, in particular, the rhythm of his song “Million Years” carries my heart like a happy-go-lucky child skipping a beat with an open-mouthed smile.

what are three constants in your day?

  1. chai tea
  2. my Nikon
  3. the lilting sing-song of a child’s voice echoing in my heart.

tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

These photos are where I’ve been and where I’m going. A circular timeline put on repeat. Life is life, no? It is what it is, yes? These photos are the peace within. The flurry and chaos, the fluttering of heartbeats like a hundred bird wings. These photos are the solitude and stillness of wind. The reminder that life is blooming, that growth moves us forward with joy and anticipation. These photos are my practice in remembering it’s okay to sit with the silence. And that through it all, life is still beautiful.

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