issue 68: xanthe berkeley


xanthe berkeley

Xanthe Berkeley is a photographer, film-maker & visual story-teller. Filling the frame with bright colours, movement, sunshine and smiles; her work centres around family life and adventures. A wide variety of projects keeps her photography and film business busy. From guiding and inspiring others, through her online film courses, to her own brand of relaxed session reportage – capturing everyday moments and cataloging these memories is her passion. Her photo collaborations span the globe – London vs Paris,color//colour & Shutter Sisters. She is a regular blogging contributor on I Heart Snapping & Daily-Epiphanie and will be blogging for First Choice holidays in 2014. Visit Xanthe’s Instagram daily, where you’ll find her mooching around London, capturing the colourful details, sharing snippets of family life, or exploring the outdoors with her love of camping, nature and good times around the campfire.












on the nightstand:

am loving:

  • the sunshine on my back & the wind in my hair
  • evening picnics & bbqs
  • bike rides

what’s one item in your summer wardrobe you can’t go without? A hat – as I don’t like sunglasses, I find it’s the best way to stop the sun making me frown. what’s your idea of the perfect summer meal? Cooking on the open fire while camping – food sourced from the local farm shop. Meat grilled, potatoes fried and fresh summer salad with herbs and edible flowers foraged. what is your summer theme song this year? The new albums from Bombay Bicycle Club & Paolo Nutini are on repeat. what are three constants in your day?

  • Good food
  • Smiles & hugs
  • Colour

tell us about the inspiration behind these photos. Just a few of my favourite moments from our summer in the UK so far …


2 thoughts on “issue 68: xanthe berkeley

  1. Xanthe’s works are indeed visually pleasing. Glad to be introduced to her photographic works.

    And as for Shari and Sheri, thank you for bringing back This Joy+Ride. I used to follow this space awhile back and honestly, felt sad when it had no upcoming posts. Great comeback, and please keep up with the awesome introductions :)

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