find joy – the progress

We’d love to hear about your find joy progress this month (read the rules + add your name here)—either by sharing in the comments below or by linking back to this page from your blog. Sheri will be tracking her find joy progress over at happinest. You can also find photos inspired by this project or add your own in the finding joy Flickr group (thanks, Molly).

Here’s who’s participating in find joy:

  1. Courtney Henry
  2. Melisa Coburn
  3. poetwithadayjob
  4. sara
  5. phoebe
  6. sonrie
  7. Emily perry
  8. Molly
  9. 9to5poet
  10. Elisabeth
  11. trupeach
  12. Samantha
  13. Tara Thayer
  14. molly (lifeonflower)
  15. Elisabeth
  16. Leigh
  17. hrsmithjones
  18. Kathy F
  19. habitual
  20. cindy : quaint
  21. mandi
  22. Jules
  23. Katie
  24. The Coffee Lady
  25. Felicia
  26. Adriana
  27. Meera Curam
  28. norma

5 thoughts on “find joy – the progress

  1. Thanks again for doing this! I want to amend my #2 to just be focused quiet time for me. Not just reading…. ;)

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  3. Sammy’s Joy List:
    1. Dinner on the patio and catch up with Karl.
    2. See friends for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner….whatever, wherever.
    3. Practice yoga every week and soak in the silence.

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