spring coffee offering

our winter coffee offering was a great success, and we thank you for your orders and support.

with the onset of spring, we hope you are looking forward to tasting all this new season has to offer. with this in mind, we are very excited to introduce a new limited edition roast for your springtime sipping enjoyment featuring the flavors of spring.

we are once again taking orders for ed’s special roast. this time, however, we will also be offering handcrafted coffee scoops, individually carved by sheri’s father. the beautiful, one of a kind coffee scoops are carved and sanded from American black walnut and treated with a light coat of olive oil to darken the finish and show the grain. all of the spoons are perfectly imperfect, reflecting the handmade process.

we will offer a limited number of special spring packages—an excellent value for the price—which will include one bag of limited edition spring roast, one hand carved coffee scoop, and two spring photo prints from sheri + shari. all items will also be sold separately.

—shari + sheri





from the roaster:

Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley
Sweet, dried berries and rosehips.

For the spring offering for this joy+ride, we wanted something seasonal with a taste of “spring.” After tasting several coffees, the Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley stood out for its unique and identifiable aroma of dried berries. After her first sip, Sheri concluded, “It’s like a walk through a field of blueberries!”

Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley is regarded for its unique dry-processed method from the Idido, Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. This region is known for producing excellent “washed” coffees, a process in which the removal of coffee cherry is pulped and washed with water. The Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley is then “dry-processed.” The coffee cherry skin dries right on the bean and is hulled off weeks later. This coffee is uniformly dried on raised beds for constant airflow and removal of unripe coffee cherries. This process provides the coffee its sweet and syrupy body and mellows the acidity. The Idido Misty Valley is also certified organic.

This spring coffee offering is roasted light/medium to accentuate the intense berry, floral, and herbal aromas and sweet flavors. All coffee orders are hand-roasted in small numbered batches and packaged simply in hand stamped brown paper bags. I can’t wait to share this roast with you.

For further information on Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley.

—Ed, the roaster

More on roast with link.

from the wood crafter:
I have been doing woodworking practically all my life. Projects have ranged from major remodelings to dollhouses, small boxes, duck decoys, and wood-turnings. I built my own shop including cabinets, a woodworkers bench and numerous jigs and fixtures to accomplish several tasks. I am constantly on the lookout for unique woods, new and used, for making unusual wood-turnings, boxes and artsy crafts. I have completed well over 200 projects. Now that I am retired I enjoy making things and watching my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and my neighbors enjoy the items I make.

—Roger, the wood crafter


this joy+ride spring offerings (sold four ways):

+ special spring coffee + scoop + print package:

  • $38 + $6 s/h, only 10 packages available (orders closed… thank you!)
  • Includes:
  • 1 bag of limited edition spring roast, 12oz. whole bean
  • 1 handcrafted wooden coffee scoop
  • 2 spring photo prints (5×5 square) from shari + sheri

+ 1 bag of limited edition spring roast, 12oz. whole bean:

  • $15 + $5 s/h, only 10 bags sold separately (orders closed… thank you!)

+ 1 handcrafted wooden coffee scoop:

  • $20 + $5 s/h, only 10 scoops sold separately (orders closed… thank you!)


To order any of our spring offerings, email thisjoyride (at) gmail.com, and you will receive an invoice in a day or two. In your email, please specify if you are ordering the package or separate items. Coffee orders will be fresh roasted and shipped after April 1st.


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