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thanks to your orders and support, we had great success with our seasonal coffee offerings—both winter and spring so far—and we’re thrilled to announce a new limited edition roast for summertime. once again, we have chosen a coffee that we feel best celebrates the flavors of the season, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

for summer, we are offering a limited number of special summer coffee + postcards packages, which will include one bag of limited edition summer roast and a four-pack of postcards that includes two summer photos from shari + sheri (see below). coffee will also be sold separately.

—shari + sheri

shari tree sheri swallow


from the roaster:

Colombia Platos Fuertes Micro-Lots Huila
Chocolate, apricots, and honeysuckle

We started thinking about this joy+ride’s Summer Offering back in May. Coffees from Central America along the tropics are harvested between November  and January and become available in late spring and early summer. After two rounds of blind tastings, Platos Fuertes from Colombia really stood out.

Platos Fuertes is a combination of small lots from Colombia, particularly the southern region of Huila. Although relatively overlooked, Colombia produces extraordinary small parcels of specialty coffee from quality-focused producers. Platos Fuertes is sweet, clean with flavors of chocolate, peaches, and apricots, and this coffee has a layered complexity with a floral and honeysuckle aroma.

I recently tasted this coffee, using several different brewing methods, my favorite being in a drip maker. Read more at Home Roastery.

On warm summer afternoons, many coffee lovers turn to iced coffee. Platos Fuertes makes a very nice iced coffee. Simply use your favorite brewing method, cool to room temperature, and pour over ice. Storing brewed coffee in the fridge can give it a bitter flavor.

We hope that you enjoy Platos Fuertes as much as we do. We would also like to hear your feedback for future offerings.

Happy Summer.

—Ed, the roaster


summer coffee

this joy+ride summer offering (sold two ways ways):

special summer coffee + postcards (4 postcards) package:

  • $25 + $6 s/h, only 10 packages available (sale ended; thanks for your orders!)
  • 1 bag of limited edition summer roast, 12oz. whole bean
  • 4 photo postcards (4×6) – 2 of shari’s “tree” + 2 of sheri’s “swallow” (see above)

1 bag of limited edition summer roast, 12oz. whole bean:

  • $15 + $5 s/h, only 10 bags sold separately (sale ended; thanks for your orders!)


To order either of our summer offerings, email thisjoyride (at), and you will receive an invoice in a day or two. In your email, please specify if you are ordering the package or coffee only. Coffee orders will be roasted in small batches and shipped fresh , first come, first served, starting after July 19th.


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