issue 69: leslie sophia lindell

leslie sophia lindell

Leslie Sophia Lindell is a food, travel, and lifestyle photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her most recent cookbook, The Stone Edge Farm Cookbook, was nominated as a finalist for  photography by the International Association of Culinary Professionals and it went on to win the 2014 Cookbook of the Year Award. When she is not on a shoot, she is happy tending to her ever-growing succulent collection, hanging with her cat Iggy, and making meals and cocktails for friends and family. You can find her regularly on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook.



lisa's paint_9855

tomatoes for roasting_3954

the ms ginny leslie_0041

the iggster_8974

from the garden_0271


on the nightstand:

am loving:

what’s one item in your summer wardrobe you can’t go without?

plaid clam diggers.

what’s your idea of the perfect summer meal?

grilled rustic bread smeared with burrata, topped with fresh arugula and sliced heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with maldon sea salt (with a glug of chilled rose at the side).

what is your summer theme song this year?

Cherry Wine by Hozier.

what are three constants in your day?

  • there is music playing, always with the music.
  • cold, bubbly water
  • my dear and naughty cat, Iggy

tell us about the inspiration behind these photos.

These images are from a folder that is slowly filling on my desktop called ‘in-betweeners’. I used to constantly have camera in my hand, gathering all of the little inconsequential yet beautiful moments of daily life. I then got so busy shooting for clients that I didn’t want to pull my DSLR out when I was off duty (exacerbated even more so by the ever present iphone to lean on). Several months ago I challenged myself to get my Nikon back out and capture the beauty of the in between moments and these are just a few.


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